Here is a glimpse of the LRS Summer Camps Calendar:
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June2022camps calendar
KIDS newspaper for Moms and Dads May Edition is available here:
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KIDS may 2022
KIDS newspaper for Moms and Dads April Edition is available here:
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kids for moms and dads
KIFDS newspaper for Moms and Dads March edition is available here:
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kids march 2022
KIDS Newspaper for Moms and Dads February edition is available here:
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KIDS Newspaper for Moms and Dads January edition is available here:
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Harrington School District No. 204 P.O. Box 204 * 100 South First Harrington, WA 99134-0204 (509) 253-4331 – Local * (509) 253-4338 – Bus Garage (509) 456-2465 – Spokane * (509) 456-6306 – Fax September 8, 2021 Re: In Response to July 28, 2021 Department of Health Update Dear Honorable Governor Inslee and Washington State Department of Health: This letter is being written to affirm our school board’s commitment to students and the agreement with the letter from a number of Washington State Superintendents on August 18. OUR STUDENTS NEED HOPE. Coming off an unmasked summer of Washington State being “fully open’, our students are now in school following the mask mandate and other mitigation strategies. We are not health care professionals, and you have never made it clearer that the upgraded guidance holds the power of law. Further, superintendent Reykdal has made it clear that if we do not follow these requirements our funding apportionment will be withheld, and further this is not a local decision in any way. We will follow the requirements and guidance as best we can. It is challenging with parents protesting the mask mandate at meetings and rallies. Our school did not shut down a single day last year as a result of COVID-19 and we were in school/in person the entire year. We intend to do everything possible to keep our students, staff, and community safe and healthy. With a focus on the “whole child” and our district’s work on dealing with trauma and the aspects of mental health on our students’ well-being based on talking with them, the COVID-19 Survey (6/28/21), and doing a local survey we know students are struggling with their mental health. Like the letter written prior to this, we ask also that you please consider: • When you hold a press conference or update schools on data about the COVID/Delta Variant, you include multiple metrics on the status of mental health and well-being of school aged children. • Any time that requirements for schools are updated, include current mitigation strategies on the mental and emotional impact this pandemic is having on students. • Establish a specific metric to apply to local communities that sets a benchmark for when masks can come off and other mitigation strategies are no longer needed. This may provide some hope for our students and their families and give communities a goal to rally around. With the Delta variant raging and the Lamba variant gaining ground it may seem like a long haul for everyone, but we are willing to do what is needed. Thank you for your serious consideration of this request. We appreciate all that you are doing to keep Washingtonians safe as well as your ongoing leadership while everyone navigates these difficult times. Sincerely, Wayne Massie, Superintendent on behalf of Harrington Board of Directors
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Thank you Donors!
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scholarship thank you
Here are original compositions written by our 7th and 8th graders being performed by our music teacher, Mr. Vierschilling.
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Keep your child’s Well-Child exams up to date
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Well-Child Update Flyer
Please read the documents using the following link for an important message regarding Harrington School District's plan for navigating COVID-19.
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