The exit process may be initiated for students who no longer demonstrate a need for Highly Capable Program services. A request may be made by a teacher or program administrator for highly capable student identification and placement discontinuation. The Multi-Disciplinary Selection Committee will convene a meeting to review the student’s profile to determine if the student qualifies for program services based on assessment data and selection criteria. The Committee may request additional evidence of student capabilities and/or willingness to participate in the program. If the committee determines that the student no longer qualifies for highly capable program services, it may be recommended that the student be exited from the program. The parent or legal guardian will be notified in writing of the committee’s decision and of the appeal’s process.

A parent or legal guardian may request that the student be withdrawn from the program or a student my voluntarily withdraw from the program. A meeting will be convened by the Highly Capable Program Director to discuss the request. If the parent or legal guardian desires to withdraw the student from the program, the student will be exited from the program. The Multi-Disciplinary Selection Committee will determine if identification procedures are necessary for students wishing to reenter the program in the future.