2 Hour Late Start   Harrington School District
Buses arrive at: 10:05 am-- temperature checks/attestation then go to class
Classes begin at: 10:20 am
Students depart school at: 1:30 pm


Lunches will be provided during late starts.  Students will eat lunch in the classroom.  Each class will walk through the cafeteria keeping social distance (on the dots) and wearing masks to pick up the sack lunch and then return to the classroom to eat.  

• The breakfast bag for the following day will still be on the school bus and will be delivered as students depart the bus. 
• Students that do not receive meals will be reminded to bring a lunch to school on late-start days.

Anticipated Snow/Weather Day—Virtual Learning Day

When we are anticipating a significant snowfall or weather event with slick roads, please plan for a Virtual Learning Day instead of a cancellation of school.  

• Take your laptop home so you are able to remotely teach on this virtual day. 
• Teachers, if you are able to make it to the building, you are welcome to do that.  We do not want anyone to be put at risk on the roads. 
• The day before in the classroom, remind students to take their Chromebooks home with them so they can attend class virtually. 
• Communicate with your students what time to log on if there is a Virtual Learning Day because of weather. 
• Plan what appropriate lesson(s) you would do and likely a lesson as continuation of daily class since everyone has some online learners. 
• One option could be to send home ‘school closure’ work in hard copy form as that counts for attendance (once it is completed) as well.
• Remind students to check their school email, SeeSaw, or Google Classroom for directions and lessons.