Date:               December 9, 2020

To:                   Parents/Guardian of Students riding school buses

From:              Wayne Massie, Superintendent


Subject:     Wearing Masks on school buses (required of students)


This is a reminder to all parents and guardians of students that ride school buses.  The basic requirements from the health department states that all bus riders must wear a face mask/face covering to board a school bus and must wear that face covering at all times on the school bus. The only exception is for age 3 and 4 year-old students. 


  •  All students and drivers must wear a face mask or approved face covering on the school bus.  (it must cover the nose and mouth)
  •  If a student does not have a face mask, the driver will supply a single use mask and in some cases a cloth mask to your student. It must be worn or the student cannot ride the school bus.  Many students have been given masks a number of times.  If a cloth mask has been provided to your student, these can be washed up to 15 times and reused. 
  • Seating:  Family members may sit together on the bus or in closer proximity than other students.  Our bus drivers have been asked to develop a seating chart for riders to provide as much social distance as possible.  The seating chart is also required by the health department should there be a positive case of COVID 19 transmission among bus riders or at school so contact tracing can be accomplished. 
  • Our bus drivers clean the bus thoroughly with an approved disinfectant before students board the bus both morning and for the afternoon run.
  • These measures are in place to keep everyone safe. The school district wants to reduce any possible exposure to ensure every student, bus driver, school employee and each of you at home stay healthy.






Schools don’t keep schools open

Communities keep schools open


Thank you for the cooperation everyone.