I am sending the following charts and documents to you to help explain how decisions are and will be made concerning any COVID-19 like illnesses or symptoms that may be present in students or staff at school.  These relate to symptoms with no exposure.  Please check our school website www.harringtonsd.org for more information about exposure and other scenarios in the COVID folder under documents.


It is so important that parents monitor your child’s health at home and realize that the symptoms list A and B are those consistent with COVID-19.  Some such as those on the class B list are also typical of many other illnesses that should result in a child staying home from school to prevent spread of germs/virus during the flu/cold season.  We want everyone to stay healthy.


If any Class A symptom of any duration is identified or 2 or more Class B symptoms of any duration are identified the child will be sent home from school or should stay home from school.  The rest of the flow chart should then be followed.


We do our best to screen every student by taking their temperature upon entry to the building daily.  We need each of you in partnership with the school and our community to do everything possible to make sure your child/student is not displaying symptoms as you get them ready for school each morning or the night before. Please be sure to do the attestations.


Always remember: Wear a face covering/mask. Keep social distance. Wash hands frequently and do it thoroughly. Avoid crowds.


Any questions: call the school at 509-253-4331 or our school nurse at 509-660-0400.





Wayne Massie,