School Board Work Session 3/13/19
Wayne Massie
Thursday, March 07, 2019

Harrington School District No. 204

School Board of Directors Meeting


2018-2019 District Goals

  • Increase Student Growth and Development
  • Retain Personnel and Students
  • Provide a positive and safe school environment


                         SCHOOL BOARD WORK SESSION

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

3:30 PM – 8:30 PM, High School Library


1.        Call to Order


2.       Establish Quorum

Members Present                                School Personnel Present:

          Darren Mattozzi #1          _____           Wayne Massie          ______

          Mark Kramer #2              _____          

          Linda Mielke #3, Chair     _____                    

          Cade Clarke #4                 _____                    

          Shannon Sewall #5, VC    _____                     


3.       Flag Salute


4.       List of Materials


          Patron Sign-in Sheet for Questions.



  • Agenda
  • Discussion Topics – with a WSSDA trainer:

Roles and Responsibilities

Team Building

Strategic Planning


Student Learning/Accountability

Operating Protocol


6.     Call for questions from the audience.

Citizens who desire to speak to the Board will please give their name before beginning their comments. A limit of three (3) minutes will be allowed per patron. The Board Chair may allow for more time.  The Board does not take action on issues or topics introduced at this time. Personnel issues and employee performance cannot be discussed in public meetings and should be referred to the Superintendent/Principal.


7.       Adjournment

          Motion By:  _______________________

          Second By:  _______________________

          Vote:            ___________